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Welcome to the Calmpreneur Hub

Hellooo you! I'm Suzannah AKA 'Queen of Calm' ~ Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner & Mentor for Women in Business.

I'm here to help you make deep shifts and positive changes in your life + business using the life-changing magic of EFT. What's stopping you from living your best life and building the successful business you dream of? There's a 'tap' for that!

Already know what you want to work on? Choose your journey to Calmpreneur below.

Available Products

Printable Weekly Tapping Planner

Become a tenacious tapper! Track your taps and start to measure the mahoosive impact EFT is having in your life.

If you're currently a tardy tapper and would like to up your game to be more consistent with your daily EFT practice, this is for you! This cute A4 planner will help you stay focused on your tapping topic, monitor your emotions and reflect on your tapping sessions each day. It covers 7 delightful days and includes space for weekly reflection and plans for tapping forward into the next week...

3 Ways To Improve Your Money Mindset

Do the same old money blocks keep coming up for you time and time again? Or maybe you feel money-stuck in your business and can't seem to move forward?

Either way, this helpful money breakthrough guide contains practical tips and exercises to help you to uncover deep-seated money blocks so you can welcome in more abundance in all areas of your life. Includes 3 powerful tap along videos to help you gently release what no longer serves you.

Monthly Planning Workshop

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" the saying goes. Bit harsh, right? 🤣 But what if you could plan your month in the most beautiful way possible by joining an experience which encompasses your well-being & more?

Planning is one of the best things you can do for your business. Come and join my wonderful workshop where I will calmly guide you through a new way to plan; with less BORE and more SOAR using my unique Calmpreneur 4-R Framework. And the best thing is you can use it again and again - whoop! 

Wildly Abundant Money Journal + Tapping Videos

Is money your nemisis? Do you shy away from shillings and quiver at the sight of quids? It's time to address those dastardly dime blocks and blitz your limiting beliefs.

It's totally possible you can be a money maven and get that abundance flowing to your front door - yes purlease! Write your way to wealth with this super cool money journal and tracker. 56 pages of prompts to peruse and ponder on your way to becoming WILDLY abundant PLUS free bonus EFT tapping videos for deep inner transformation...

'Tap' Into Your Organised Self & Become Positively Productive

Feeling like an overwhelmed foggy-headed busy machine with lists EVERYWHERE and no time to drink a warm(ish) cup of coffee?

STOP right there and read this. You, yes YOU can be the queen of calm, the whisperer of lists and the time mastering mumma! All you need is this course to help you get back the wind back in your sails and you'll soon be feeling totes in control with a slightly smug grin about how organised and profesh you feel...

Calmpreneur Circle - Join The Waitlist

We all need a community of people who will cheer us on, have our back and generally be there for the ups and downs of being human...

Especially if you've ventured into the wonderful world of EFT tapping...because let's face it, not everyone gets it! Never fear, because the Calmpreneur Circle is a supportive online space where you'll feel right at home alongside a friendly bunch of women entrepreneurs who are all looking to bring the magic of tapping to their business. A calm online space that feels safe and gives you the opportunity to make soulful connections with others. 

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